Foreigner Loan

Foreigner Loan

There is much opportunity afforded by living in Singapore – world class amenities and services, greater opportunities and well maintained infrastructure. But just like any advanced city throughout the world, the cost of living can be high and Singapore is not left behind in this regard.


As a foreigner, particularly if your home country is a less expensive one, you can find yourself financially drained and unable to get through your present expenses. Also, there may arise an emergency situation, such as a medical emergency which would require a large amount of money on short notice, which you don’t have. Because you’re in a strange country, you may not know anyone who has the resources to come to your aid. This is where our AP Credit foreigner loan can help you.


No collateral

Our loan package does not require you to provide any security, unlike what is asked for by banks. You can also take whatever amount is supported by your income, provided you demonstrate ability to repay. You therefore don’t have to worry about pawning your valuables or any other assets you might have in order to raise money and yet you have an income, just come to us and let us help you sort it out.


Simple application and fast processing

Our loans application process is simple and straightforward, and you don’t even have to visit our offices physically if you are in a far location. We have an online form that you can fill, and fax copies of your documents to our address and you will be notified within a few hours about the status of your application.


Understanding that time is of the essence in many cases brought to our attention, we have streamlined our loan processing as much as possible so you can get results within just a few hours. If your papers are in order, your loan will be sanctioned and you can tell us how you wish to receive the loan.


Flexible repayment plan

If you have special circumstances, for example if you are a student and wish to have a more lenient repayment plan, feel free to inform us at the time of application and together we can work on a repayment plan that will be comfortable and efficient for you. No one will follow you up to find out how you’re spending the money; it’s yours to do with as you planned.


However, we always advise our clients not to spend foreigner loan money in frivolous expenses such as gambling or partying or for long term passive investments. These are useful tools to solve temporary cash flow constraints and you should only borrow what you need for now.

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